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Feedback from our clients.

Elif N. Y.

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity (AD/HD)

Female | Age: 15

We observed big improvements in his attention duration, speech, hyperactivity, eye contact, eating and sleeping habits. We also observed great development in his learning abilities, social communication and fine-gross motor skills. All the employees are really genial. They are so nice and I'm really...

Delfin D.

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity (AD/HD)

Other | Age: 19

Dear SAS staff,First of all, I would like to express my deep felt love and convey my best wishes to all of you. When I saw the changes in my daughter, it filled me with tears. It was a miracle. My daughter had severe auditory attention difficulties. Because she was not paying attention at school, I ...

Ege B.


Other | Age: 17

His attention span increased. He listened the other people more carefully. Our son now really likes to read books. Except these improvements, for now we don't notice any positive or negative improvement. We will observe in process of time.Especially Mr. Steven and Mr. Ergun and the other staff are s...

Tahsin S. T.

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity (AD/HD)

Other | Age: 20

Apart from the issues that we got improvement, I would like to mention that the advices we took from your centre are also made a big difference in my behaviours.Employees in this centre aproaches people with positive energy and their experiences about children, observation and their suggestions are ...

Talha B. A.

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity (AD/HD)

Other | Age: 16

When we took the sas program everything was incredibly good. He was doing his homework quickly and completely and listening his lessons at school. His teacher also said that there were so positive improvements. He is playing basketball better and his self-confidence increased. His attention span inc...

Buğra T.

Learning and Life Enhancement

Other | Age: 19

After the SAS program, he started to study more willingly. I don't have to say “study, do your homework etc.” anymore. He knows his responsibility. His grades increased. His awareness of studying and doing his homework increased. He started to express his feelings. He told about uncomfortable things...